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Pure Play VS Click-and-Mortar:

Lessons from digitally native brands and traditional retailers

As brands race to create experiences that will keep their customers happy and coming back for more, it often seems that digital-only brands have had the edge when it comes to conversions.

But with years of experience driving customers to their physical stores, traditional retailers know a thing or two about keeping customers engaged and brand-curious.

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the advantages and pitfalls of both models, so you can cherry pick the winning elements of their respective digital strategies.

The Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer of Contentsquare, Jean-Marc is an expert at generating growth for brands. With an accumulated 28 years + in the industry, he has worked for top-name brands such as Tiffany’s and The Boston Consulting Group.

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Jean-Marc Bellaiche

Chief of Strategy, Marketing and Partnership


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The line between digitally native and brick-and-mortar brands is not as clear as it once was. Pure play brands have been increasingly experimenting with physical experiences, and brick-and-mortars have invested heavily in the digital experience, earning the new name of click-and-mortars.

A high product reach rate, an impressive cart reach rate and a healthier conversion rate — pure play brands are certainly making the most of the digital opportunity. And with a lower bounce rate, higher category page reach and deeper navigation, click-and-mortar brands clearly have some customer engagement tricks of their own.