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Clarks and ContentSquare: Establishing the ROI of time

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Alternative colours test

Width fitting test

Delivery options test

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Explore how ContentSquare could transform how your brand accessed insight at speed and at scale

Limitations of session replay

Ease of implementation

Turning small changes into big returns

Why context is king

Intuition v data-driven testing

Understanding the ROI of our content

How to easily understand customer journeys

Enhancing our digital checkout delivery

How one test drove £900k+ in ARR

How one test drove £1.4 million+ in ARR

The limitations of traditional analytics

Understanding the ROI of time

The value of UX analytics


Explore how Clarks have utilised ContentSquare to drive over £2.4million in ARR by transforming their approach to collecting and actioning insight on their website. Hear the value derived from using UX analytics, why session replay tools are not enough and why ContentSquare free up huge amounts of time, Clark’s digital team’s most valuable resource

How UX analytics led to The £2million test.

How one piece of insight led to £900k in ARR

How Clarks gained a 9% uplift in conversion for their German site.

Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

ContentSquare’s UX analytics metrics are invaluable for drilling into page-specific behaviours and allowing us to surface actionable insight; another thing that separates them from other solutions in the market.

Craig Harris

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